Devachan - 432 Hertz Band


Release Date: 06-07-2022

  • Devachan Singer – 432 Hz
  • Devachan Silent Nights – 128 Hz
  • Devachan Glasses – 128 Hz
  • Devachan Piano – 128 Hz
  • Devachan Protector – 128 Hz
  • Devachan Choir – 432 Hz

The Devachan is the world of the spiritual archetypes, the archetypal world. In the Jewish Kabbalah it is called Atziluth or Azilut (Hebrew: אֲצִילוּת “nobility, sublimity, goodness, fire”) and comprises the highest triad of the Sephiroth, namely Keter (crown), Chokhmah (wisdom) and Binah (intellect).
This world does not primarily reveal itself to spiritual perception in inner images, in imaginations, but through inspiration as a harmony of spheres experienced by the “inner ear” as sound, which is also reflected in the effects of the sound ether and in the numerical relationships in chemical reactions, and then further as the word experienced inwardly.