432 Hertz Band – The One and Only

The 432 Hertz Band was born from a music project of Cosmo Welfare and Ioannes Peregrinus in 2011.
With a hurdy-gurdy that Ioannes played in 432 Hertz in just intonation during a music session, the story of the 432 Hertz Band began.

It didn’t stop at 432 hertz. It was the start of the journey into the unique world of natural tuning, based on the cosmic law of the natural overtone series (harmonic series).

The harmonic series is the chord of partials that vibrate simultaneously when a natural tone is played.

Cosmo later found out that:

the cosmic basis of 432 hertz is 1 hertz (128 hertz). 

Natural Tuning consists of the pitch reference frequency and of pure intervals, whose frequency ratios are the quotients of natural numbers. 

All is based on the natural overtone series.

Natural Tuning begins with 1 Hz and includes 432 Hz as well as 256 and 440 Hz.

Just (pure) intonation is the only natural interval design and is the heart of Natural Tuning.

The 432 Hertz Band is one of the very few bands in the world that releases all of its music in accordance with the cosmic law of the natural tone overtone series.

For most, making 432 Hertz music means simply using the concert pitch of 432 Hertz in equal temperament, because it is very simple and many instruments cannot be played in just intonation.

We find the just Intonation (pure tuning) better in terms of sound and effect than the equal temperament. Pythagorean tuning is a good alternative.

The difference is that you can’t play all keys simultaneously on one instrument in just intonation, but you can in Pythagorean tuning.

Ioannes Peregrinus and his hurdy gurdy
Ioannes Peregrinus and his hurdy gurdy
The first video of Ioannes and the hurdy gurdy
Cosmo Welfare and the monochord
Cosmo Welfare and the monochord